Gauss Development

Identifying investment opportunities

At Gauss, we work with our investors to help supply the energy solutions required by an industry in transformation. We develop projects with renewable energy sources, from evaluating their technical, commercial and financial viability to their implementation and administration.

Commercial structuring

We know that no project is viable without a sure source of repayment and a commercial solution, which are the indispensable conditions for any financing arrangement. We specialize in commercially structuring projects to ensure a balance between the developer and the offtaker of the energy, in order to guarantee the bankability of the bilateral power purchase agreement (PPA).

Our business know-how and familiarity with the main players in the industry, coupled with our capacity to identify areas of opportunity in Mexico, enable us to recognize projects that are, above all, commercially viable.

Project evaluation and structuring

Our broad experience in evaluating and structuring projects gives us a unique perspective for proposing pragmatic solutions that guarantee our investors the expected returns.

Our field of expertise encompasses everything from evaluating the appropriate structure and incorporating special-purpose investment vehicles (SPVs) through the technical design of the facilities and management of all the participants in the project. We also conduct the due diligence of technical, commercial, regulatory and financial aspects of each project, under a comprehensive focus.

Gauss Capital

Financing and capital structuring

We believe it is essential to align the regulatory and institutional realities of the energy sector with investment opportunities in the industry. We coordinate the negotiation of the most suitable financial structure (debt/capital balance) and financial closure of project finance arrangements.

Gauss Asset Management

Management of engineering, procurement and construction contracts (EPC)

During the engineering, procurement and construction phases, we manage the project from the owners’ side. We manage contractual relationships arising from the PPA and EPC, as well as the interconnection and regulatory aspects of the project.

Once a project is commercially operational, Gauss provides asset management and administration services aimed at institutional investors, like private equity funds or family offices that require an effective, competitive outsourcing of these services.

Technical and operating management

These aspects include monitoring power generation and supervising operation and maintenance contracts, the annual maintenance program, and appropriate communication with stakeholders—neighboring communities, owners, local and state governments, local suppliers and insurance companies, among others.

Financial, fiscal and regulatory administration

We handle the projects’ financial and fiscal compliance, including the execution and follow-up of collections and payments, complying with debt covenants, loan control and principal repayments. We also offer tax consultancy, guaranteeing our clients the prompt settlement of their obligations.